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Rova Lev Ha'ir
Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

This is a large housing development in central Tel Aviv built on the site of an old hospital. The project included a new zoning plan, the design and construction of 220 residential units, 1000 m2 of office and commercial space, underground parking for 500 cars as well as the restoration and renovation of a small landmarked building on an adjacent site.


The development can be see as composed of two structures: the seven storey perimeter structure which continues the city fabric and the existing street façade and a 24 storey tower located at the center of the site. The tower is strategically located and shaped to reduce its visual presence particularly for pedestrians on adjacent streets. The six-meter drop between the two edges of the site allowed us to design an intricate network of sunken courtyards and light the apartments while reducing the overall height of the perimeter structure.


 The plan allows for public access to the raised park (designed with Landscape architect Dan Zur ז״ל) at the center of the site and a public right-of-way through the development. Unfortunately, the current managers of the property have seen fit to close this access and turned the development, which was specifically intended as an open Commons, into a gated community.


The building is constructed in concrete clad with “combed” limestone.


STATUS: Completed

SITE: Tel Aviv, Israel

SIZE: 30,000 m²

CLIENT: Oniel Properties

Design: Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

Project Architect: Efrat Beredjik

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