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House R
Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

This is a private house in Nof Yam designed for a playwright and an actor. The life of the couple centers around the living room set in a luscious but intimate garden.


The site slopes gently allowing the construction of a lower level and English courtyards to light the space appropriately. The home stretches along a linear axis, flanked by an exercise pool, creating private work spaces at the extremes.


The building looks to protect the privacy of the family, nurturing introverted spaces while blurring the barriers between inside and out.


The building is in simple acrylic plastered concrete with steel casement windows.


STATUS: Completed

SITE: Nof Yam, Israel

SIZE: 250 m²

CLIENT: Family R

Design: Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

Project Architect: Efrat Beredjik

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