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House G
Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

This is a private house in Ramat Hasharon, a town just north of Tel Aviv.  Designed on a small site for a family with young children, the family wanted a protected outdoor play area.


The site is flat requiring excavation for the construction of a lower level and the secluded sunken courtyard. The home has three levels: three small bedrooms on the lower level, the living-room, kitchen and dining room on the entrance level and the master bedroom on the upper level which opens to a secluded patio.  The vertical circulation creates a visual connection between the levels and reinforces centrality of the courtyard in the spatial organization.


The building is built in concrete with smooth white stucco and steel casement windows. Operable frosted glass is used for solar protection and privacy.


STATUS: Completed
SITE: Ramat Hasharon, Israel

SIZE: 250 m²

CLIENT: Family G

Design: Ada Karmi-Melamede & Dan Price

Project Architect: Hanan Pomagrin

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