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House H
Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

This is a private house in north Tel Aviv designed for a family with two young children. The life of the family centers around the beautiful garden at the foot of a hill behind the house.


The site slopes steeply away from the house creating a secluded garden completely hidden from view and the approach to the house. The home has three levels: three small bedrooms on the lower level, the living-room, kitchen and dining room on the entrance level and the master suite on the upper level.  A narrow triple height space creates a visual connection between the levels and the garden. The orientation of the house allowed the design of an expansive glass wall facing the garden without concern for solar gain.


The building is constructed in concrete coater with acrylic plaster and steel fenestration.


STATUS: Completed
SITE: Tel Aviv, Israel

SIZE: 300 m²

CLIENT: Family H

Design: Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price

Project architect: Esti Carmon

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