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House J, Old Jaffa

This is a private home in the old city of Jaffa, directly above the port.  The property was previously owned by a play write but unoccupied for many years. The years of neglect led to considerable deterioration in the structure.


Pre-design involved extensive documentation and research, both historic and technical. Steel anchors were drilled through the walls to reinforce the structure, the exterior stonework needed to be repointed and the entire waterproofing and drainage system replaced before the renovation could begin. The client, a theater costume designer and professional classical musician, required both a design studio and a music room. The old plaster was replaced with lime plaster, needed for the sandstone construction and the extreme level of humidity and salinity.


The home is entered through a delightful courtyard embraced by the kitchen, main entrance and the guest suite. There are two wings which separate the private rooms from the public spaces. The private wing has a guest suite and the master suite. The public wing includes the kitchen, dining room, music room, studio and living room. The living room, which overlooks the Jaffa harbor, opens on to a large patio shaded by a wooden trellis. From the entrance patio a small stair rises to the 100 m2 roof deck with a breathtaking panoramic view over Jaffa, the Mediterranean and the Tel Aviv coast.

The building is built of sandstone. Interiors are plastered in lime plaster with limestone floors.


STATUS: In progress

SITE: Jaffa, Israel

SIZE: 250 m²

CLIENT: Family L

Design: Dan Price

Project Architect: Shahar Zeituni

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