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Park Hamovil, Kfar Saba
A Sustainable Business Park

Built originally as a remote industrial zone, the Kfar Saba Sustainable Business Park is a major city planning initiative, guided since 2015 by Price Piltzer Yawitz and a multidisciplinary team. The plan expands the building program by 400% and reinforces connections to the city, the parks system, and current and future rail systems.  The plan was recently approved by the full city council. 


The plan provides for mixed use buildings that include a mix of commercial, offices, light industrial, public and residential uses. 

The plan converts all roadways to commercial streets with street-facing retail, wide sidewalks, planting and service zones, bike paths and on street parking. 

An innovative parametric site planning program developed in-house generates and optimizes building mass for each of the 220 different sites in the perimeter of the plan.

STATUS: Approved by City Council

SITE: Kfar Saba, Israel

SIZE: 650 dunam

CLIENT: City of Kfar Saba

Design: PPY Architects

Project Architect: Charles Yawitz

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